The Tiger And The Shark

by Interroclef

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A wedding gift to our Supreme Tiger and his chosen one, from the Interrocleffers of the world.


released February 20, 2014



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Interroclef California

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Track Name: Honey On The Moon
“i demand a honeymoon on the actual moon”
“we've just been in a Silicon Valley death march” -ND

we discovered honey
honey on the moon
we’ll be launching soon
over the sandy dunes

but first we need to:
integrate user-centred life-hacks
enable social platforms
create long-tail blogospheres
aggregate Cluetrain podcasts
integrate standards-compliant value
capture user-centred mashups
incentivize AJAX-enabled ad delivery
tag user-centred synergies
reinvent citizen-media web services
and don’t forget to:

hail! hail satan
hail satan of the industry
wringing venture capital
from the blood of innocents
who dared to set foot in the valley of the silicon

hail satan
hail satan of the industry
taking all the time away
and building up a tower of finances
that stretches high into the sky and we can climb it to the moon

and now we’re floating
at one-sixth gravity
all that depravity
is so far down below
let’s go
earth makes a ghostly glow

Lyrics: Micah Ball
Track Name: The Tale of The Tiger and The Shark
A graceful red shark
And a giant golden tiger embark
On a magical journey
Cross the seas of uncertainty
Toward safe harbor and a nice park

But there rose an unseasonable swell
Off the shark's back tiger fell
An unholy vortex
And muggles in gortex
Dragged them both down to Hell
Yeah, Hell

Velkommen til helvete
Din skjeggete Viking
Her skal du lemlestes
Grilles og kvestes!

((Welcome to Hell
You bearded Viking
Here you'll be mutilated
Grilled and bruised!)

Fire, fireball!
Fire, fireball!
Fire, fireball!
Fire, fireball!
Fire, fireball!
Fire, fireball!
Fire, fireball!
- whooaaaahhhhhhrrrrrgh!

But thence came the wizard from Oak Land
He conjured a mountain from mere sand
His acolytes chanted
The query was granted
The muggles were finally outmanned

Prosperous times rose for sorceries
Our kindred now live without worries
Destroyed all pop music
With magical oosik
While tiger and shark reign in glory
Yeah, glory

Mo mël do tyë na tonn i ayaro,
I ambaron ar linta ayar,
Mo elwen builli do tyë faoi i rámar sorono,
Soarë ar eitilt léra!

O melda! O calélen!
O lindë mo elweno sérë!
násië elwë bí stuama ilyë i loaion,
tenna va Endor elwë nar vanwa.

(My love for you is a wave of the ocean,
The rising and swift sea,
My heart beats for you on the wings of an eagle,
Soaring and flying free

O loved one! O starlight!
O song of my heart content!
May we be together all the years,
til from Middle-Earth we are sent.)

Lyrics contributed by Bunny Knutson, Zak Hannan, Steven Clark, Manet, Reinier Loopik, and Tiernan Barrie. Hat-Lib effort, edited by Steven Clark, and Zak Hannan.
Track Name: Build Another World
[SuzieQ Sharky: “love you til the end of the world.”]
[Nicholas Dobson: “we'll build another one”]

love and passion
style and fashion
i look into your eyes
bricks and mortar
chaos and order
in the end it all dies

we’ll build another world
far beyond the stars
we’ll build another world
that’s ours

we’ll build another world
when this one is done
we’ll build another world
for fun

we’ll put a mountain here
and a river over there
hang a nebula in the sky
and one in your hair
make a dark forest where our shadows can reside
and every type of sun above illuminates my bride

we’ll build another world
far beyond the stars
we’ll build another world
that’s ours

we’ll build another world
where we’ll be together
we’ll build another world

Lyrics: MIcah Ball
Track Name: Velkommen Til Helvete (Reprise)
Velkommen til helvete
Din skjeggete viking
Her skal du lemlestes
grilles og kvestes
Track Name: Two Brains In A Jar
“Our brains need each other.” –Nicholas Dobson

a brain in a jar
sitting on a shelf
all by itself
a brain in a jar
on the vast ocean

back on the shore
another brain scans the distant smoke
knowing there’s more
knowing there’s hope

so many people
so many islands
how can we find
the one mind

the tide starts to turn
what once was lost can now be found
and it returns
to the home ground

two brains in a jar
sharing a lifetime
wishing upon a star
two brains in a jar
it seemed so impossible
but there they are

and the fluid goes round and round

Lyrics: Micah Ball