Secret Santapede 2015

by Interroclef



released January 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Interroclef California

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Track Name: Santapede Takes on the Sklarktopus
Here comes the Santapede
Fresh meat is all he needs
Seeking out some sklarktopi
The Sklarktopus is going to die

The Sklarktopus is in his lair
Of the ‘pede he’s unaware
With many legs he comes at speed
The ‘pus is trapped by Santapede

“I love the taste of sklarktopi
I’ll eat his heart and then his eye
His tentacles I think I’ll fry
‘Cause raw they taste a little dry”

Sklarktopus has got the keys
To bring the ‘pede to his plentiful knees
He’s had his feed but this will be followed
By Sklarktopus becoming unswallowed

Santapede hadn’t bargained for
Regurgitation on the floor
The Sklarktentrails are reconstructing
Sklarktospirit resurrecting
Santapede retreats in haste
His hunting chops have gone to waste
How can he achieve a productive feed?
An arthropodic problem indeed

Christmas comes but once a year
For Santapede his time is near
The time has come for hibernation
Coupled with extreme starvation
Sklarktopus feels remorse
For denying the ‘pede of his main course
So wilfully sacrificing an ear
He wishes the ‘pede a happy new year.
Track Name: The Germans Have A Taste For The Exotic
The Germans Have A Taste For The Exotic