International Round Robin #1

by Interroclef

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released November 27, 2013

Cover Art: Christo Morehead



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Interroclef California

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Track Name: Hymn of the Interroclef
Interroclef Interroclef Interroclef
Interroclef Interroclef Interroclef
Interroclef Interroclef Interroclef

Is it a question point
Or an exclamation mark
An upside down clef
Or a backwards C?

Interroclef Interroclef Interroclef
Terrorclef Interroclef Interroclef
Terrorclef Interroclef Interroclef

From continent to incontinent
And across the sea
We strike into your heart

Interroclef Interroclef Interroclef
Interroclef Interroclef Interroclef
Track Name: Palin Drone
"This song is about an android built for the destruction of humanity. The mechanic who built her has fallen in love with the robot, while the robot resents her lack of human emotion. It hardly matters, as she's about to descend from the laboratory and KILL KILL KILL!

The song kind of goes back and forth between the mechanic's tender emotions toward the android and the android's violent programming"
- Zak

verse 1:

lovingly winding
her gears murmuring
there's no suffering
in her eyes


can't feel the warmth of the sun
can't feel the heat of your love
stone-faced calculations
delivering death from above


nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah
nah nah nah . . . .

verse 2:

her green skin shimmers
casting nine shadows
under these artificial lights
Track Name: Tralfamadorian Reach-Around
transfixed illuminated in the night
concentric circles radiating from a point
trying to piece together something I can recognize
maelstrom of blue and orange

I can't remember when I started this
my legs keep grinding but the scenery languishes
each step punching through me like a fatal dive
oh god my eyes are buggin'


dialogue that I thought might work spoken simultaneously through left and right channels, maybe with some chaos/party noise . . . think Mr. Bungle grout???


hello, help?
all of my starts are spending my allowance!
I can't!
I like to spread my sheets.
I like to shit my sheets.
I found the secretion henrik, gimme ma dollahz
so you like cock? rule!
start it now
I went with a fairly obvious five
he is? Oh, I already hatched it
so good, the good kind of brain
i never heard of that
seriously though, I think we've invented something really cool here
that's my lifetime achievement
I can die happy now
this is what sklark told me!


and of course, like all things on the internet it immediately becomes about bukkake
what else is there?
politics, and math?
and duck dicks?
you're my favorite person in norway right now
possibly all of midgard
sorry, I was typing in swedish
it's a tralfamadorian term for reacharound. I don't know why they translated lumberjack to squirrel.
ha! no sense
you'll get ruined
fjords, agreed?
it's not funny you fuck!
it spread to about 12,000 rows already

and overlayed in whisper at the end:

"reinier is palin drone"
reinier is a palin drone
reinier is a palin drone
Track Name: Sklarktopus vs. The Palin Drone
Sklarktopus vs. the Palindrone

Great as a mountain and bright as the sun
The Sklarktopus' throne has been hard won
King of the beasts and the scourge of Man
With tentacle whips he enforces his Dire Plan

But when blood runs thin and the night wears cold
Palindrone glides in like a Wyrm of old
Putrid flesh fused with glinting steel
It silently hunts for its next grotesque meal

Robotic talons rake rubbery scales
Metal beaks grapple in a shower of sparks
Black thunder roars and furious gales
Whip the shredded remains of a thousand Sklarks

The reeling gusts grip the Palindrone's frame
And thrash it about in a vortex of pain
When all is suspended in the eye of the storm
Then disintegrates until all is gone

Lyrics - Steven Clark
Track Name: The Head Must Die
my god
the lobster is still alive
it writhes
right on my plate

evil monster is on the rise
i fear the monster is me

take it away
the head must die
take it away ウェートレス
the head must die

moral dilemma
every time i look into your beady eyes
and see them staring back at me
as i devour
Track Name: Swineflower Abbatoir
Four on the Floor in the Slaughterhouse
Wine flows like blood in the feeding trough
Snorting up slop with their round pink snouts
Crispy skin cracklin’ in the disco lights.

Turn cloven hooves to the beat
Curly tails bounce like meat Slinkies

Bring home the bacon, it’s so salty sweet
Shake your fat belly til the girls all scream

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you
Even tho it only gives you trash
Soon you’ll be prime for harvest
And your lord will bite you in the ass

Piggy piggy pig pig pig
Piggy piggy pig pig pig pig
Piggy piggy pig pig pig
Pig pig pig pig pig pig pig
Track Name: Of Rivers
stirring up trouble
nothing but rubble
remains of you
now that she flew
away from the light into the night that is her home
she has no love to give to you now leave her dark eyes alone

she makes me think of rivers
she makes me think of time
moonlit patterns illuminate
the cost of days gone by
in her dark eyes

pebbles fall in a stream
starts my mind wondering
on the path of no return
i don't think i'll ever learn
nighttime falls on the earth
darkness creeps in every breath
we know right from our birth
that sleep is a little death

Lyrics by Micah Ball